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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Picking up Sunday Coupons Cheaply or Free

We all know using coupons can be very valuable- in reality is is just like cash and who doesn't want free cash, right? So if you do a lot of couponing you have a few options in getting your coupons either expensively or free.

1. Check the recycle bins: This has the potential to be a bit of a yucky option but most recycle bins are actually pretty clean. My mom used to live in an apartment complex and regularly she found coupons just sitting at the top of the bins. You can pick up a lot of free coupons this way.
2. Ask your friends and family to save them for you: This is simple, if they are not using them just ask if they would not mind putting them aside for you.
3. Starbucks or local coffee shops: Several times I have been at a coffee shop and have been able to pick up an extra coupon pack just because someone finished reading the paper and then left it behind.
4. Buy a cheap subscription to your local paper: Many times you can get very cheap intro rates directly from your local newspaper but the cheapest I have found are from, if you want to order a subscription you might wan to check them out.
5.Purchase coupons:  If you don't have many coupons in your area or are looking for specific coupons you may want to buy them from someplace like Ebay (for the best deal at Eba make sure to place your order through Ebates or ShopatHome and get cash back on your order)

Anyone else have other ideas on how to get cheap or free Sunday coupons?

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